Week 12-16


  1. Full knee range of motion. Refer back to surgeon for extension restriction of 5o or if < 110o of flexion.
  2. Normal gait pattern.
  3. Progressively increasing functional strengthening program.

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  1. Continue with exercise program from week 8-12.
  2. Weight room activities:
  • Leg press – press body weight as many times as possible on nonsurgical side (to fatigue). Follow same sequence on surgical side.
  • Squat rack – half squats (not past 70o) at one-half body weight, 10 repetitions; progress to full body weight as tolerated.
  • Continue biking and/or swimming on a daily basis. No whip kicks.

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Criteria for Running and Agility

  1. Majority begin week 16-20 postoperatively
  2. Isokinetic test : < 30% deficit of average torque quadriceps and hamstrings
  3. KT 2000: < 3mm AP displacement
  4. Agility workouts:

– Balancing on a disc or wobble board

– Figure of 8’s (20 to 30 yard diameter circles)

– Backward jog

– Half speed jog (level surfaces only). Initially alternate 100 yards walking/jogging over one mile. Build up to one mile by 16 weeks postoperative.