Cause of injury and symptoms

Direct contact injury to the knee or collision

Non-contact injury : knee twist while foot is fixed to the ground during landing from a jump or changing direction rapidly.


When you got ACL injury, you might hear the “poping” sound. You might feel a lot of pain, swelling of the knee joint, difficult to bear weight and unable to continue sport activity.


Your symptoms of pain and swelling might resolve in 1-3 weeks which look like the normal knee. You can walk, run or bike as usual but depend on associated pathology in your knee such as meniscus and cartilage injury.


If your lifestyle is active or participate in high demand sports like soccer, football, basketball or badminton, you might feel the instability symptoms. The symptoms are giving way of the knee when you quickly turn around, landing from a jump, stopping or slowing down suddenly or walk on wet surface. These symptoms may not affect the daily activity but unable to play or participate the high level sports.