Risks of surgery

Every operation has the morbidity and mortality risk e.g. nerve injury, heart attack, pneumonia or medical allergy. Nowadays the complication from ACL surgery is very low

Risk of anesthesia

  • Allergy to anesthetic drug: patient may have history of local anesthetic allergy. The symptoms are hypotension, generalized rash, wheel and flare.
  • Headache: After spinal anesthesia, there is incident of post-lumbar puncture headache about 3%. Patients will present with frontal or occipital headache within 6 to 72 hours of the procedure that is exacerbated in an upright position and improved in the supine position. Treatment are bed rest, take a painkillers and drink a plenty of water.
Complications                                               %
Scar, Numbness around surgical wound 100
Anterior knee pain** 20
Knee stiffness** 20
Swelling knee joint 12
Surgical site infection 4
Delay postoperative ambulation 4
Deep vein thrombosis 3
Persistence pain 2
Septic arthritis 1
Nerve injuries 1
Vascular injuries 0.01
Death 0.005
**Complication related to technique and type of surgery