Arthroscopic surgery


Arthroscopic surgery

Arthroscopic surgery have the advantages when compare to open surgery: small wound, less postoperative pain, faster recovery, reduce hospital stay. The surgery is not only treat ACL torn but also can treat other pathology in the knee at the same time.


The surgical procedure may different depend on the tendon that bring to replace native ACL. The graft choices include:

-Bone patella tendon bone (BPTB)

– Hamtstring tendons

– Quadriceps tendon

– Peroneus longus tendon (Still in the research of long term complication and outcome)

The orthopedist will give the information of each graft type about pros and cons for the patient to choose.


Graft fixation

There are 2 types of fixation

Suspensory fixation

This fixation will hang on the cortex of distal femur (thighbone). It made from Titanium. This type is preferring to use with the Hamstrings tendon graft.

nkshoulderdoc-l1 nkshoulderdoc-l2

Aperture fixation

This fixation will embedded in the bone tunnel. We prefer to use the screw that made from absorbable material (e.g. Polylactic acid) because convenient to do the MRI later or revision surgery. This type of fixation can be used both distal femoral and tibial tunnel.

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