Care after surgery

Postoperative care

The patient will have arthroscopic surgical wound 2-3 holes which length 1-2cms. One 3cms wound at inferomedial side of the knee for hamstrings tendon graft harvest. One 5-7cms oblique wound at the anterior knee for patellar tendon-bone harvest. The wound would be closed with absorbable suture material. The Cryocuff which have the cold water inside would be applied around the wound for the purpose of pain relief and subside edema. There will be 1 small drainage tube go out from the wound.

The patient will be observing in the recovery room for 2 hours before go back to the room.

You should lie down supine 6-8 hours after operation. If you have nausea, vomiting, pain or can’t pass the urine for 6 hours should call the nurse for the treatment.


The first postoperative day

The patient should apply the Cryocuff around the knee and place the bolster under the ankle and place the knee in extended position.


The patient should begin ankle pumping by rise the ankle upward and downward and hold for 5 seconds. 20-30 times per hour


The second postoperative day

Remove the drainage tube from the wound. There may be blood oozing from the wound. The patient should apply Hinged knee brace, locked at o degree, all the time you walk with support.





Range of motion and Quadriceps setting

  • Full extension exercise by place the bolster under the ankle and press the thigh down until feeling tight at posterior part of knee.


    • Flexion exercise by place the cloth or towel under your thigh and pull it together with slide the heel. Limit knee flexion to 90 degrees in the first 4 weeks.


Patellar mobilization

  • Hold and move the kneecap in 4 directions; medial, lateral, upward and downward.



Walk with partial weight bearing with axillary crutch

  • The patient should restrict the weight bearing to maximum 50% of normal.


The third postoperative day

The doctor will check the order and change the wound coverage if it has blood leak.

The patient should discharge from hospital this day.